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ABOUT gilles

A native of Montreal, with a very diverse and eclectic cross-disciplinary career, Gilles Morin served clients in the areas of graphic design, packaging, wayfinding, corporate communications, interiors, exhibits, and advertising design. Many of his works have received numerous awards of excellence.

In addition Gilles’ pursues a fine art career and has had many one-person shows at various Montreal and Toronto commercial galleries. His work can be found in several permanent and private collections from Ottawa to California. His paintings have appeared on the CBC French television channel and he’s also given several radio interviews on his creative process.


“Gilles Morin’s paintings and drawings on canvas push universal emotional buttons. One’s visual sensibilities are soothed by pleasant splashes of colour; contemplative strings are tugged at the back of the subconscious; anxiety and even shock responses are stirred up. From one canvas to another, each of these feelings are evoked in succession, and several key pieces draw simultaneously on all.”

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